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I'm a software developer who focuses on advocating standards and clean code.

 Introducing Proton

Alex Bilbie has open sourced a new micro framework utilising some of the packages that I maintain.

Why did I build yet another micro framework? Why not just use Slim or Silex or some other micro framework?

Principally because I really like the particular packages above that I’ve already mentioned; I know their codebases very well and they’re blazing fast. Also those other frameworks all offer features that I don’t need; I like my code lean and mean and I don’t want unnecessary overhead.

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New Blog

My blog has been withering a little lately due to being very busy with changing jobs and relocating from London back to Yorkshire.

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Dependency Injection as a Tool for Testing

Dependency injection is a simple design pattern that provides several benefits, one of which is the ability to vastly improve your unit test suite. In this post I am going to be looking at how this is done and how it relates to certain testing methodologies.

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